My name is Ned Mohan. Born in India, I have lived and worked in Minnesota for the past 40 years. As a Hindu, I want to help increase knowledge and understanding about Hinduism, its beliefs, practices, and customs.

I have compiled a curriculum on Hinduism, available online for you to use in your classroom totally free-of-charge. In doing so, I received help from many; in particular, I am very grateful for discussions with Professor David Schmidt of St. Catherine University in St. Paul. This resource is intended for purely educational and non-commercial purposes.

The curriculum has four independent units:

  1. Hinduism: A Primer is an overview of Hindu beliefs
  2. The Practice of Hinduism is an in-depth examination of Hindu principles, rituals, morals, Scripture, and festivals
  3. Hinduism’s Legacy explores the contributions and impact of Hinduism on the global community.
  4. Reference Books on Hinduism points to easy-to-read books that have been extremely useful in putting together this resource.

Your feedback through the Contact page is most welcome to improve this material.

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