Today, I was asked what the message of Hinduism is.  In my opinion, the extremism that we see around us is rooted in hopelessness and the powerlessness. To the contrary, the message of Hinduism, as below, is of plurality, hope and self-empowerment.

1.There is one God whose name is any name that you want to give him or her.

2.God is formless and can be worshipped in any form whatsoever since God pervades them all.

3.Hindus believe in ONENESS, rather than there is only one way to God.

4.Prophets—even Divine incarnations—appear on earth all the time, including right now!

5.We will ALL get Divine Grace sooner or later—no labels and no exceptions.

6.We are ALL born with the spark of the Divine and thus are Divine.

7.Hinduism says that our soul is immortal and we have nothing to fear!

8.No need to convert; converts are accepted.

9.Goddess in Hinduism is a major league player! Total freedom of expression in clothing for women.

10.No room for arrogance – God is more than we can ever imagine.

11.Never been opposed to science and new discoveries.

12.The core values are constant but practices should change as society evolves.

13.There are many scriptures that need to be understood in the proper context.

14.Emphasis of action over belief.

15.Most Hindus have UNDERSTOOD IT!

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